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ey lui, dit zijn dus de correcte antwoorden van CCNA semester 1 !!!

Dit zijn de antwoorden van VERSIE 3.1.1
( niet van versie 3.1, surf voor de antwoorden van versie 3.1 naar )

op staat ook wel wat leuks bij trouwens

HET ENIGE NADEEL is, per toets staan ze in een andere volgorde...
dus leer de antwoorden uit je hoofd vantevoren!!!

Dit is vooral bedoeld voor de mensen die het even moeilijk hebben met de toetsen en hoge resultaten nodig hebben.

Ok, even opletten. Deze antwoorden komen van verschillende "bronnen",

( cisco is momenteel nogal op zoek naar sites die antwoorden geven, dus dit is een van de weinigen die overgebleven zijn/blijven)

nog even een tip, tis nogal wat tekst!! om snel toets te vinden zoek dan makkelijk en gebruik toetscombinatie "CTRL + F" en typ dan "chapter test "nummer van je module"

Mocht er iets niet kloppen of iets dergelijks lama bericht 8er dan, en als het heeft geholpen lama weten met een bericht dan, altijd fijn om andere te helpen he;)

chapter test 2 met resultaat 89.7%
1 What makes it easier for different networking vendors to design software and hardware that will interoperate?

*OSI model
proprietary designs
IP addressing scheme
standard logical topologies
standard physical topologies


Refer to the exhibit. Identify the devices labeled A, B, C, and D in the network physical documentation.

A=bridge, B=switch, C=router, D=hub
*A=bridge, B=hub, C=router, D=switch
A=bridge, B=router, C=hub, D=switch
A=hub, B=bridge, C=router, D=switch


Refer to the exhibit. Which column shows the correct sequence of OSI model layers?


4 Which two features apply to WAN connections? (Choose two.)

*operate using serial interfaces
make network connection using a hub
limited to operation over small geographic areas
typically operate under local administrative control
*provide lower bandwidth services compared to LANs

5 Which layer of the OSI model provides network services to processes in electronic mail and file transfer programs?

data link

Which of the following are ways that bandwidth is commonly measured? (Choose three.)


7 Which of the following are factors that determine throughput? (Choose two.)

types of passwords used on servers
type of Layer 3 protocol used
*network topology
width of the network cable
*number of users on the network

8 Which term describes the process of adding headers to data as it moves down OSI layers?


9 Which best describes the function of the physical layer?

*Defines the electrical and functional specifications for the link between end systems.
Provides reliable transit of data across a physical link.
Provides connectivity and path selection between two end systems.
Concerned with physical addressing, network topology and media access.

10 Refer to the following list. Choose the correct order of data encapsulation when a device sends information.

1 - 3 - 5 - 4 - 2
2 - 1 - 3 - 5 - 4
2 - 4 - 3 - 5 - 1
4 - 3 - 1 - 2 - 5
* 4 - 1 - 3 - 5 - 2
3 - 5 - 1 - 2 - 4

11 The central hub has malfunctioned in the network. As a result, the entire network is down. Which type of physical network topology is implemented?


12 What is the term used to describe the transport layer protocol data unit?

data streams

13 Which three features apply to LAN connections? (Choose three.)

operate using serial interfaces
*make network connection using a hub
*limited to operation over small geographic areas
provide part-time connectivity to remote services
*typically operate under local administrative control
provide lower bandwidth services compared to WANs

14 A switch has failed in the network. As a result, only one segment of the network is down. Which type of physical network topology is implemented?

*extended star

15 Which layer of the OSI model provides connectivity and path selection between two end systems where routing occurs?

physical layer
data link layer
*network layer
transport layer

16 What is one advantage of defining network communication by the seven layers of the OSI model?

It increases the bandwidth of a network.
*It makes networking easier to learn and understand.
It eliminates many protocol restrictions.
It increases the throughput of a network.
It reduces the need for testing network connectivity.

17 Which of the following are layers of the TCP/IP model? (Choose three.)

*Network Access

18 Which of the following are data link layer encapsulation details? (Choose two.)

*A header and trailer are added.
Data is converted into packets.
*Packets are packaged into frames.
Frames are divided into segments.
Packets are changed into bits for Internet travel.

en nog 3 menigsvragen

chapter test 3 met resultaat 100%
What are two advantages of using UTP cable in a networking environment? (Choose two.)
is stiffer than STP
*is less expensive than fiber
*is easier to install than coaxial
provides longer distances than coaxial provides
is less susceptible to outside noise sources than fiber is

What are two advantages of using fiber-optic cabling instead of UTP? (Choose two.)
lower cost
easer to install
*allows longer distances
*less effected by external signals
easier to terminate the cable ends

What is the difference between a wireless NIC and an Ethernet NIC?
The Ethernet NIC operates at 100 Mbps, whereas a wireless NIC operates at 10 Mbps.
The Ethernet NIC uses a PCI expansion slot, and a wireless NIC cannot use an expansion slot.
The wireless NIC uses CSMA/CA, whereas a Ethernet NIC uses token passing as an access method.
*The wireless NIC associates to an access point, and an Ethernet NIC attaches to a hub or switch using a cable.
The Ethernet NIC attaches to a hub or a switch using only fiber cabling, and a wireless NIC attaches to a wireless antenna using air as a network medium.


Refer to the exhibit. The JacksCo is a small start-up company that took over an office space from another small company that closed. The older company left a room of network equipment behind. An inventory list is shown. As the newly hired network technician, you have been asked to determine which components in the storeroom would be best to use to install a small wireless LAN that currently only needs the employees to be able to share data. Note that the wireless LAN also needs to connect to an existing wired LAN. Which components should you choose?
access point and wireless NICs
*wireless NICs, access point, straight-through cables, and a switch
hub, wireless NICs, two wireless bridges, crossover cables, and an access point
wireless NICs, Ethernet NICs, a switch, an external modem, two wireless bridges
Ethernet NICs, wireless NICs, switch, hub, two wireless bridges, straight-through cables, crossover cables, and a router

A company is converting a cabled LAN to a wireless Ethernet LAN. What must be changed on every host on the network?
No changes are required.
Each host will require a new IP address.
*Each host will require an appropriate NIC or adapter.
Each host will require that the operating system be upgraded.


Refer to the exhibit. Which answer correctly identifies the pinout of the UTP cables labeled Cable A, Cable B, and Cable C?
A=straight, B=rollover, C=crossover
A=rollover, B=crossover, C=straight
A=crossover, B=straight, C=straight
*A=crossover, B=straight, C=rollover
A=straight, B=crossover, C=rollover
A=rollover, B=straight, C=crossover

What factors should be considered when selecting the appropriate cable for connecting a PC to a network? (Choose two.)
type of system bus
motherboard model
*distance of cable run
*speed of transmission
computer manufacturer

Select the characteristics specified by 10BaseT. (Choose three.)
*twisted pair cable
T style connectors
*baseband transmission
10 gigabits per second data rate
*10 megabits per second data rate
decimal encoded data transmission

When is a straight-through cable used in a network?
when configuring a router
when connecting a host to a host
*when connecting a switch to a router
when connecting one switch to another switch

What type of cable is used to make an Ethernet connection between a host and a LAN switch?

Which of the following are used for data communication signals? (Choose three.)
*light patterns
*electrical voltages
controlled air pulses
mixed media impulses
magnetized fluid wave
*modulated electromagnetic waves

What does UTP cable rely on to reduce signal degradation caused by EMI and RFI?
properly grounded connections
RJ-45 connectors


Refer to the exhibit. What type of cable connects the two routers together without any intermediary device?

Which Ethernet implementation requires the signal on the media to be boosted at a maximum distance of 100 meters?

Which cable connectors are used to connect a cable from a router's console port to a PC? (Choose two.)

chapter test 4 met resultaat 100%
A company needs to extend the LAN to six separate buildings. To limit the amount of signal attenuation on the LAN media, what type of media would be the best to use between the buildings?
air (wireless)
coaxial cable
shielded twisted pair
unshielded twisted pair

Which of the following are detected by the wire map test? (Choose three.)
near-end crosstalk (NEXT)
propagation delay
return loss
*reversed-pair faults
*short circuits

What is a cause of crosstalk in UTP cable?
cable pairs that are shorted
cable pairs crossed during termination
cabling runs installed in separate conduit
*cable pairs that are untwisted because of poor termination of the cable

A small company is experiencing difficulties on its LAN. After performing some tests, a technician has determined that the copper media supporting the LAN is experiencing abnormal attenuation. What are two possible causes of the problem? (Choose two.)
*defective connectors
*excessively long cable lengths
use of higher grade cabling
low frequency signals used in the media
network cable runs isolated from other cables

How are binary ones and zeros represented in fiber optic installations? (Choose two.)
+5 volts/-5 volts
0 volts/5 volts
*light/no light
high to low electrical transition
low to high electrical transition
*increasing/decreasing light intensity

What factors need to be considered to limit the amount of signal attenuation in Ethernet cable runs? (Choose two.)
type of users
number of users
*length of cable
type of electrical equipment
*installation of connectors on the cable

To ensure reliable LAN communications, what should a technician be looking for when attaching connectors to the ends of UTP cable?
that the white-orange/orange pair is attached first
*that the wire pairs remain twisted as much as possible
that one end of the shield is properly ground but not the other
that 50 ohm termination resistors are on both ends

Which of the following describes frequency?
length of each wave
height of each wave
*number of cycles each second
amount of time between each wave

What conditions are described when transmission signals from one wire pair affects another wire pair? (Choose two.)
resistance mismatch

What is expected when crosstalk is present in networks with higher transmission frequencies? (Choose two.)
*increase in crosstalk
higher signal attenuation
increases in cancellation effect
*destruction of more of the data signal

chapter test 5 met 100 %
Refer to the exhibit. What is the appropriate cable to use at each of the numbered network connections?
1-crossover; 2-straight-through; 3-crossover; 4-straight-through
1-straight-through; 2-crossover; 3-straight-through; 4-straight-through
1-straight-through; 2-crossover; 3-crossover; 4-straight-through
*1-rollover; 2-crossover; 3-straight-through; 4-straight-through
1-rollover; 2-straight-through; 3-straight-through; 4-straight-through

Which two devices are considered OSI Layer 1 devices? (Choose two.)

What device is used to connect hosts to an Ethernet LAN and requires a straight-through UTP cable between the hosts and this device?

What is the most common type of cabling used in LANs?

In which situations would a crossover cable be used to connect devices in a network? (Choose two.)
switch to PC
*switch to hub
switch to router
switch to server
*switch to switch


Refer to the exhibit. How many collision domains exist in the network?

What type of cable would be used to make the connection between the console port of a router and a workstation?


Which function is a unique responsibility of the DCE devices shown in the exhibit?
transmission of data
reception of data
*clocking for the synchronous link
noise cancellation in transmitted data

Which address does a bridge use to make filtering and switching decisions?
source MAC
source IP
*destination MAC
destination IP
network IP address

What is characteristic of the operation of a hub?
selectively drops packets that represent potential security risks
*forwards a frame out all interfaces except the inbound interface
based on IP address, dynamically learns the interfaces to which all devices are attached
upon power on, queries the devices on all interface to learn the MAC addresses of the attached devices
transmits a frame to the specific interface to which the device with the MAC destination address is attached

Users with systems that are attached to a hub are complaining about poor response time. What device could replace the hub and provide immediate response time improvement?

Which of the following are benefits of peer-to-peer networks? (Choose three.)
centralized security
*easy to create
very scalable
*no centralized equipment required
*centralized administrator not required
centralized control of assets

Which statement is accurate about a WAN link?
*The link transmits data serially.
The link uses a maximum distance of 100 meters.
The link uses the same transmission rate as all other WAN links use.
The link uses the same standardized connector style that is used for all WAN technologies.


Which items in the exhibit are DTE devices?
A and B
B and C
C and D
*A and D
A, B, C, and D

At which layer of the OSI model does the MAC address of a NIC reside?
*data link


Refer to the exhibit. A technician measured the lengths of the CAT 5e structured cable runs in the exhibit. How should the technician evaluate the cabling shown in the diagram to the network administrator?
All cabling to work areas are within specifications.
Station A and B may experience intermittent problems because the length exceeds the recommended standard.
*Station B may experience intermittent problems because the length exceeds the recommended standard.
Station C may experience intermittent network connectivity because the length is less than the recommended standard.
Station A and B will have intermittent problems because the length exceeds the recommended standard.
Station C will not have network connectivity because the length is less than the recommended standard.

Which statement describes a typical use of Gigabit Ethernet?
to provide high-speed desktop connectivity for average users
to provide connectivity to low to medium volume applications
to provide medium volume connectivity to workgroup servers
*to provide high-speed connectivity for backbones and cross connects


The ends of a UTP cable are shown in the exhibit. Which cable configuration is shown?


The ends of a UTP cable are shown in the exhibit. Which cable configuration is shown?

Which of the following are benefits of a wireless network? (Choose two.)
higher data speeds
better security
less expensive NIC cards
*no need to run cables to hosts

chapter test 6 met 100 %
Refer to the exhibit. Host A is communicating with host F. What happens to a frame sent from host A to host F as it travels over the Ethernet segments?
*The frame format remains the same across each Ethernet segment.

How many hexadecimal digits are in a MAC address?

What are three functions of a NIC in a PC? (Choose three.)
*A NIC connects the PC to the network media.
*A NIC detects collisions on the Ethernet segment.
*A NIC passes the contents of selected frames to the upper OSI layers.

At what layer of the OSI model does a MAC address reside?

A router has an Ethernet, Token Ring, serial, and ISDN interface. Which interfaces will have a MAC address?
*Ethernet and Token Ring interfaces

In an Ethernet LAN, how does the NIC know when it can transmit data?
*An Ethernet NIC transmits data after listening for the absence of a signal on the media.

Which characteristics describe carrier sense multiple access collision detect (CSMA/CD)? (Choose three.)
*collision environment
*first-come, first-served approach

Which two devices can provide full-duplex Ethernet connections? (Choose two.)
*Layer 2 switch

On a local area network, one workstation can send data on the line while it is receiving data. What type of data transfer does this describe?
*full duplex

Refer to the exhibit. The small office network shown in the exhibit consists of four computers connected through a hub. Which configuration would cause collisions and errors on the network?
*administratively configured full duplex

Refer to the exhibit. The switch and workstation are administratively configured for full-duplex operation. Which statement accurately reflects the operation of this link?
*No collisions will occur on this link.

Refer to the exhibit. All hosts are in listen mode. Host 1 and Host 4 both transmit data at the same time. How do the hosts respond on the network? (Choose two.)
*After the end of the jam signal, Hosts 1, 2, 3, and 4 invoke a backoff algorithm.
*If a host has data to transmit after the backoff period of that host, the host checks to determine if the line is idle, before transmitting.

When a collision occurs in a network using CSMA/CD, how do hosts with data to transmit respond after the backoff period has expired?
*The hosts return to a listen-before-transmit mode.

Which statement describes how CSMA/CD on an Ethernet segment manages the retransmission of frames after a collision occurs?
*The devices transmitting when the collision occurs DO NOT have priority for retransmission.

Refer to the exhibit. A technician wants to increase the available bandwidth for the workstation by allowing the switch and the NIC on the workstation to transmit and receive simultaneously. What will permit this?

Why do hosts on an Ethernet segment that experience a collision use a random delay before attempting to transmit a frame?
*A random delay helps prevent the stations from experiencing another collision during the transmission.

In which two layers of the OSI model does Ethernet function? (Choose two.)
*data link

Which of the following are specified by IEEE standards as sublayers of the OSI data link layer? (Choose two.)
*Logical Link Control
*Media Access Control

Where does the MAC address originate?
*burned into ROM on the NIC card

chapter test 7 met 100%
Which Ethernet standard does the IEEE 802.3 standard recommend for backbone installations?

Which statements describe Gigabit Ethernet technology? (Choose two.)
*typically used for backbone cabling
*can be implemented over copper and fiber

Which of the following are Fast Ethernet technologies? (Choose two.)

To make sure timing limitations are not violated when implementing a 10 Mbps Ethernet network involving hubs or repeaters, a technician should adhere to which rule?
*the 5-4-3 rule

At which OSI layer do the differences between standard Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet occur?
*physical layer

How does 1000BASE-T use the UTP wire pairs to accomplish transmission?
*all four pairs are used in parallel by both hosts to transmit and receive simultaneously

What RJ-45 pins are unused when transmitting and receiving data in an Ethernet 100BASE-T Category 5 UTP cable? (Choose two.)
*4 and 5
*7 and 8

What is the maximum distance that 10BASE-T will transmit data before signal attenuation affects the data delivery?
*100 meters

Which media types can be used in an implementation of a 10BASE-T network? (Choose three.)
*Category 5 UTP
*Category 5e UTP
*Category 3 UTP

Which of the following Ethernet technologies are considered legacy Ethernet? (Choose three.)

chapter test 8 met 87.6%
What is characteristic of the operation of a Layer 2 switch?
*uses the destination MAC address to determine the specific interface to forward a frame

Two newly hired technicians are discussing the implementation of a new LAN. One technician proposes installing a hub. The other technician advises installing a switch. Which statements are true about the differences between a hub and a switch? (Choose two.)
*A switch provides more throughput to hosts on a LAN
*A switch provides a collision-free environment on a LAN.

Refer to the exhibit. Forty-eight workstations are connected to a hub. The users are able to connect to the network, but access is very slow. An entry-level technician replaces the 10 Mbps hub with 100 Mbps hub but the problem still exists. What is the most economical way to correct the problem?
*Replace the hub with a switch.

Exhibited is a portion of ABC Company internetwork. Which of the connections can be full duplex?
*segments 2, 3, and 4

Refer to the exhibit. The switch and the hub have default configurations, and the switch has built its CAM table. Which of the hosts will receive the data when workstation A sends a unicast packet to workstation C?
*workstation C

An administrator would like to connect ten workstations on a network. The device selected by the administrator must allow connectivity between hosts without sharing bandwidth. Which device would be appropriate?

Which networking devices use the MAC address to make forwarding decisions? (Choose two.)

Which devices are primarily used to extend cable segments within a collision domain by regenerating the data signals? (Choose two.)

Which devices will create multiple collision domains in an Ethernet network? (Choose two.)

Refer to the exhibit. How many broadcast domains exist in classroom 240?

A PC receives a frame. Which situation will cause the NIC on the receiving host to pass the frame contents up the OSI layers to be processed by the PC?
*The destination MAC address of the frame is FFFF.FFFF.FFFF.

A network administrator has a multi-floor LAN to monitor and maintain. Through careful monitoring, the administrator has noticed a large amount of broadcast traffic slowing the network. Which device would you use to best solve this problem?

What will a bridge do if it receives a frame with a MAC address that is not within the table?
*send frame to all ports except source port

Which networking device reduces the size of both collision domains and broadcast domains?

What is used to prevent Layer 2 switching loops?
*Spanning-Tree Protocol

module 9/10


What is the primary responsibility of the transport layer?

allows access to the network media

provides data representation and encoding

selects paths through the network for data to travel

defines end-to-end connectivity between host applications**

Why is IP considered a best-effort protocol?

IP detects lost packets.

IP validates the content of the packets.

IP does not provide acknowledgment of the data delivery.**

IP reorders the packet as they arrive at the destination host.

Which two statements correctly describe the IP address (Choose two.)

It belongs to the Class A range of addresses.**

It belongs to the Class B range of addresses.

It belongs to the Class C range of addresses.

It is reserved for loopback testing.**

It is reserved for multicast group testing.

It is reserved for unicast testing.


Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements are correct in reference to the output shown? (Choose two.)

The LAN segment is subnetted to allow 254 subnets.

The DNS server for this host is on the same subnet as the host.

The host automatically obtained the IP addresses**

The host received the IP address from the router on the local LAN segment.**

The host is assigned an address of 00-50-8D-F1-EA-8D by the administrator.


Refer to the exhibit. A technician is planning an addressing scheme for a
branch office as shown in the exhibit. What is the status of the intended network?

The configuration will work as planned.

The subnetwork mask of host A is incorrect.

The default gateway of host A is a network address.

The addresses on the router LAN interfaces are on the same subnetwork.***

The IP address of host A is on a different subnetwork than the subnetwork
that the Ethernet router interface is on.

What is the purpose of a DHCP server on a network?

to resolve MAC addresses to IP addresses

to resolve IP addresses to MAC addresses

to resolve host names to IP addresses

to assign IP addresses dynamically to hosts**

to assign a MAC address to a host


Refer to the exhibit. The small office LAN shown in the exhibit may eventually
be connected to the Internet. According to Cisco best practice, which IP network
addresses should be used? **

How does a router decide where the contents of a received frame should be forwarded?

by matching destination IP addresses with networks in the routing table**

by matching the destination IP address with IP addresses listed in the ARP table

by matching the destination MAC address with MAC addresses listed in the CAM table

by forwarding the frame to all interfaces except the interface on which the frame was received

Which subnet mask would be assigned to the network address of to
provide 254 useable host addresses per subnetwork?***

Which TCP/IP model layer supports both LAN and WAN technologies?

network access layer**

internet layer

transport layer

application layer

Which three addresses are considered to be private addresses? (Choose three.)******

12. Refer to the exhibit. Host A pings host B. When R4 accepts the ping into the
Ethernet interface, what two pieces of header information are included? (Choose two.)

source IP address:

source IP address: BBBB.3333.5677

source MAC address: 5555.AAAA.6666

destination IP address:**

destination IP address:**

destination MAC address: 9999.DADC.1234**

What header address information does a router change in the information
it receives from an attached Ethernet interface before information is transmitted out another interface?

only the Layer 2 source address

only the Layer 2 destination address

only the Layer 3 source address

only the Layer 3 destination address

the Layer 2 source and destination address**

the Layer 3 source and destination address


Host A is connected to the LAN, but it cannot connect to the Internet.
The host configuration is shown in the exhibit. What are the two problems
with this configuration? (Choose two.)

The host subnet mask is incorrect.**

The host is not configured for subnetting.

The default gateway is a network address.

The default gateway is on a different network than the host.**

The host IP address is on a different network from the Serial interface of the router.

An IP network address has been subnetted so that every subnetwork
has 14 usable host IP addresses. What is the appropriate subnet mask
for the newly created subnetworks?**

Which type of routing allows routers to adapt to network changes?

static routes

dynamic routing***

only default routes

No routing is necessary.


Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator has assigned the internetwork
of LBMISS an address range of This address range has been
subnetted using a /29 mask. In order to accommodate a new building, the
technician has decided to use the fifth subnet for configuring the new network.
By company policies, the router interface is always assigned the first usable
host address and the workgroup server is given the last usable host address.
Which configuration should be entered into the IP server properties to get
connectivity to the network through the router?

IP address: Subnet mask: Default gateway:

IP address: Subnet mask: Default gateway:

IP address: Subnet mask: Default gateway:**

IP address: Subnet mask: Default gateway:

IP address: Subnet mask: Default gateway:

A company is using a Class B IP addressing scheme and expects to need as many
as 100 networks. What is the correct subnet mask to use with the network configuration?**


Refer to the exhibit. After host 2 is connected to the switch on the LAN,
host 2 is unable to communicate with host 1. What is the cause of this problem?

The subnet mask of host 2 is incorrect.

Host 1 and host 2 are on different networks.**

The switch needs an IP address that is not configured.

The router LAN interface and host 1 are on different networks.

The IP address of host 1 is on a different network than is the LAN interface of the router.


Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is planning the addressing scheme
for the LAN using The hosts are to be assigned addresses – The LAN interface of the router is to be
configured using as the IP address. What would describe this addressing scheme?

The LAN is being addressed properly.

The subnet that is being assigned is not a usable subnet address.

The router LAN interface is being assigned a broadcast address.**

The subnet mask does not allow enough host addresses in a single subnet.


Refer to the exhibit. Which devices are recommended to have the IP addresses manually configured?

PC1 and PC2

all servers**

only PC2 Laptop

all hosts and all servers

Given a host with the IP address and a default
subnet mask, to which network does the host belong?**

What do switches and routers use to make forwarding decisions?

Switches and routers both use IP addresses.

Switches and routers use both MAC and IP addresses.

Switches use IP addresses. Routers use MAC addresses.

Switches use MAC addresses. Routers use IP addresses.**

Switches use MAC and IP addresses. Routers use IP addresses.


Refer to the exhibit. A newly hired technician is testing the connectivity of all hosts
by issuing a ping command. The technician notices that a default gateway is
not configured on all the hosts, but all hosts have connectivity between hosts,
a fact which seems to confuse the technician. How would you explain the
connectivity to the technician?

The hosts are detecting the default gateway configured on the hub.

The hosts are all in one LAN, so default gateway information is not needed.**

The hosts in the network only require that one host has a gateway configured.

The hosts in the network would only need a gateway if a switch replaces the hub.

The hosts are using broadcast to reach each other since no gateway is configured.


Refer to the exhibit. Based on the information shown, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

An ARP request must be used to obtain an address that is placed in the ARP table.

Frames from other hosts in the network to this host will use a destination
address of 00-06-25-25-6e-5d.

The only remote locations that can be reached from this host are and

If a packet is sent to a network device other than
and, an ARP request must be used.**

If the computer with the IP address of sends a
packet to the device with the IP address, no ARP request is required. ***


DIT IS DE FINAL, bestaat uit 52 vragen.

hier de antwoorden in een pdf bestandje ze komen overeen met de final hieronder 3.1.1 ( v3.1 staat er ook bij in het pdf-bestand)


Refer to the exhibit. A newly hired technician has a task of terminating CAT 5 UTP cables. The network administrator visually examined the cables the technician terminated. Some of the cables have connectors as shown in the exhibit. What should the network administrator explain to the technician about the cables?

Both cables are acceptable.
The cable in Graphic A will produce more crosstalk.
The cable in Graphic A should be used in the more critical network segments.
The cable in Graphic A is preferred because it will be easier to crimp the connector.

2 In the exhibit, the connections between the devices are labeled A, B, C, D, and E. For each connection, what is the correct UTP cable to use?

A=straight, B=rollover, C=straight, D=crossover, E=crossover
A=rollover, B=crossover, C=crossover, D=straight, E=straight
A=rollover, B=straight, C=straight, D=crossover, E=straight
A=rollover, B=straight, C=straight, D=crossover, E=crossover
A=straight, B=crossover, C=rollover, D=straight, E=straight

3 How many collision domains are shown in the diagram?


4 Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator has configured a network after subnetting the network number Workstation 1 is not able to communicate with Workstation 2. What is the cause of this loss in communications?

Workstation 1 and Workstation 2 are on the same subnet.
The serial connections are using addresses from the LAN subnets.
Workstation 1 is not on the same network that the Router 1 LAN interface is on.
If routers are used in the network, IP addresses do not need to be subnetted.

5 Why do vendors utilize the OSI model when designing networking products?

It places requirements on all vendors that develop proprietary networking technologies for advance networking systems.
It ensures greater compatibility and interoperability with equipment from different vendors.
The International Organization for Standards develops all new products to be incorporated into the product.
It is mandated by the International Organization for Standardization that network products be compliant with the OSI model.

6 How does a switch learn the addresses of hosts connected to its ports?

All source MAC addresses must be manually configured in CAM.
The switch reads the source MAC address on incoming frames and records it in CAM.
**The switch reads the destination MAC address on incoming frames and records it in CAM.
If a switch port is full duplex, the switch reads both the source and destination MAC addresses on incoming frames and records them in CAM.

7 Which devices will create multiple collision domains in an Ethernet network? (Choose two.)


8 Refer to the exhibit. Which diagram represents the network topology that an administrator would prefer, and why would the administrator prefer it?

Diagram A. It provides the hosts with full-duplex connections.
Diagram A. It will better provide available bandwidth to the hosts.
Diagram B. It extends the collision domain.
Diagram B. It prevents the frames from looping.
Either network will perform equally well.

9 Consider the networks shown in the exhibit. Host A is sending packets to host B. Which layer of the OSI model is being used when the router is making the calculated decision to determine which interface to send the packet out?

data link

10 Which physical network topology is easy to monitor and troubleshoot, easy to add new devices to as the network expands, but subject to complete failure when a central hub or switch ceases to work?


11 Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator wants to create a subnet for the point-to-point connection between the two routers. Which subnetwork mask would provide enough addresses for the point-to-point link with the least number of wasted addresses?

12 What is the correct number of usable subnetworks and hosts for the IP network address subnetted with a /28 mask?

6 networks / 64 hosts
14 networks / 32 hosts
14 networks / 14 hosts
30 networks / 64 hosts

13 Which network device creates the highest amount of latency?


14 A user initiates three simultaneous FTP connections from the local host to the same FTP server. Which OSI layer is responsible for establishing and managing these different FTP connections?

data link

15 What are important characteristics to consider when purchasing a network interface card? (Choose two.)

security used on the network
media used on the network
system bus used on the computer
software installed on the network
diagnostic tools installed on the network

16 A router interface has been assigned an IP address of with a mask of To which subnet does the IP address belong?

17 Why would a company install a switch instead of a hub when building or expanding a corporate network?

A switch manages frames faster than a hub does.
A switch operates at 100 Mbps. A hub operates at a maximum of 10 Mbps.
A switch modifies the Ethernet frame to remove any errors. A hub forwards the frame exactly as it arrived.
A switch provides more bandwidth by sending frames only out the port to which the destination device is attached. A hub sends the frame out all ports except the source port.

18 Refer to the exhibit. What must be configured on Host B to allow it to communicate with the file server? (Choose three.)

the MAC address of the file server
the MAC address of the PADI router interface connected to Switch A
the IP address of Switch A
**a unique host IP address
**the subnet mask for the LAN
**the default gateway address

19 When using Category 5 UTP cable, which RJ-45 pin pairs are used to exchange data between hosts on an Ethernet network?

1 and 2; 4 and 5
**1 and 2; 3 and 6
3 and 6; 7 and 8
4 and 5; 7 and 8

20 Refer to the exhibit. Host A pings Host B. What can be concluded about the source and destination addresses contained in the communication sent by Router R5 when it forwards the ping out the Ethernet interface to Host B? (Choose two.)

source IP address:
source MAC address: BBBB.3333.5677
source MAC address: 5555.AAAA.6666
destination IP address:
destination IP address:
destination MAC address: 9999.DADC.1234

21 Refer to the exhibit. A network associate needs to establish an Ethernet connection between Host A and Host B. However, the distance between the two hosts is further than the cabling standards allow. Which two devices that operate at the physical layer of the OSI can be used to allow Host A and Host B to communicate? (Choose two.)


22 A router determines the path to deliver a packet. What layer of the OSI model does this fact represent?

data link

23 Refer to the exhibit. A network technician is trying to determine the correct IP address configuration for Host A. What is a valid configuration for Host A?

IP address:; Subnet Mask:; Default Gateway:
IP address:; Subnet Mask:; Default Gateway:
IP address:; Subnet Mask:; Default Gateway:
IP address:; Subnet Mask:; Default Gateway:
IP address:; Subnet Mask:; Default Gateway:
IP address:; Subnet Mask:; Default Gateway:

24 Refer to the topology in the graphic. Which characteristic does this type of topology possess?

As one router malfunctions, the entire communication goes down.
All the devices on the network are connected to a common cable.
As two routers malfunction, the entire communication goes down.
Communication continues in the event of a break in any one connection.

25 Refer to the exhibit. What is the purpose of the tool?

terminating solid UTP cable on a punch down block
stripping solid UTP cable jackets in preparation for termination
terminating solid UTP cable into a RJ-45 connector
testing end-to-end wire maps with terminated solid UTP cable

26 Refer to the exhibit. How many broadcast domains are shown?


27 Refer to the exhibit. What kind of Ethernet cable is represented?

rollover cable
straight-through cable
crossover cable
console cable

28 What is the decimal representation of the binary number 11111000?


29 Which protocols are TCP/IP application layer protocols? (Choose two.)


30 Which of the following statements are correct about CSMA/CD? (Choose three.)

It is a media access method used in LANs.
It is a media access method used in FDDI WANs.
When a device needs to transmit, it checks to see if the media is available.
A device sends data without checking media availability because all devices have equal access.
Multiple devices can successfully transmit simultaneously.
Only one device can successfully transmit at a time.

31 Two peer hosts are exchanging data using TFTP. During the current session, a datagram fails to arrive at the destination. Which statement is true regarding the retransmission of the datagram?

Datagram retransmission requires user authentication.
Datagram retransmission is controlled by the application.
Datagram retransmission relies on the acknowledgements at transport layer.
Datagram retransmission occurs when the retransmission timer expires in the source host.

32 A technician is testing connectivity between the devices using the ping command. Pings between Host B and Host A were successful. The technician could not ping the R3 address from Host A. The technician issued ipconfig from Host A and saw the information displayed in the exhibit. What is the most likely problem?

The IP address of Host A is incorrect.
The subnet mask of Host A is incorrect.
The default gateway of Host A is incorrect.
Host A is properly configured. Some other problem exists in the internetwork.

33 After an unsuccessful ping to the local router, the technician decides to investigate the router. The technician observes that the lights and fan on the router are not operational. In which layer of the OSI model is the problem most likely occurring?

data link

34 Which type of address is

host address
subnetwork address
broadcast address
multicast address

35 What information is added during encapsulation at OSI Layer 3?

source and destination MAC
source and destination application protocol
source and destination port number
source and destination IP address

41 A network administrator has added a new switch to the network. The new switch connects to an existing switch that is already installed. Which UTP cable correctly connects the new switch to the existing switch?


42 An Ethernet host receives a frame, calculates the FCS, and compares the calculated FCS to the FCS received in the frame. The host finds that the two FCS values do not match. What action will be taken by the host?

The host discards the frame.
The host processes the data frame normally.
The host initiates a request for retransmission of the frame.
The host sends the frame content to an upper layer protocol for error recovery.

43 Refer to the exhibit. The connections in the exhibit are labeled A through E. Which of these indicate LAN links? (Choose two.)

link A
link B
link C
link D
link E

44 Refer to the exhibit. Workstation 1 pings the Fa0/1 interface of Router 1. Which MAC address will workstation 1 obtain during the ARP request for this communication?


45 Which subnet masks could be used when subnetting a Class B IP address? (Choose two.)
46 Refer to the exhibit. What is the order of the TCP/IP Protocol Data Units as data is moved as indicated through the OSI model?

bits, segments, frames, packets, data
bits, frames, packets, segments, data
bits, frames, segments, packets, data
bits, packets, frames, segments, data

47 A network administrator has installed a 24 port switch and connected 10 computers with 10/100 NICs. If the NICs are operating at 100 Mbps, how much bandwidth is available for each computer to receive data?

0.24 Mbps
4.17 Mbps
10 Mbps
24 Mbps
100 Mbps
200 Mbps

48 Based on the graphic above, which of the following occurs as each host system comes on line in the topology?

The switch sends its MAC address to each host.
The switch adds MAC address to the bridge table as each host sends a frame.
Each host exchanges MAC addresses with each other.
The switch listens for data traffic to block since the switch lacks an IP address.

49 Refer to the exhibit. Which type of UTP cable should be used to connect Host A to Switch1?


50 Refer to the exhibit. The hub and the switch are operating using factory default settings. Which hosts will receive the frame if host A transmits a broadcast frame?

Only workstation B and the router will receive the data.
Workstations B, C, D, E, and the router will receive the data.
Only workstations connected to the hub will receive the data.
Workstations B, C, D, E, and the router will receive the data and it will be forwarded into the Internet.

51 Which cable diagram displays the end to end pinout for a crossover cable used with Cisco devices?

Cable A
Cable B
Cable C
Cable D

52 Which technologies are considered to be LAN technologies? (Choose two.)

**Token Ring
Frame Relay

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